Hi, I’m Crystal, an accessibility engineer, and analyst

I believe accessibility is a civic and human right, and I am passionate about building accessible and inclusive applications for everyone.

Illustrated portrait Crystal Preston-Watson. She wears an eye patch with a heart graphic and a rose headband.

Recent Blog Posts

  • In response to the events that have taken place at a shocking rate on Twitter in the last 48 hours, the calls to leave the platform for others are at a fever pitch leaving many scrambling. I keep getting asked for my thoughts on an accessible Twitter alternative, so here they are. If you are… […]
  • A week left in my staycation and two days before my birthday as I sat on my bed in 90+ degree darkness. My spouse is asking me if I want to evacuate as our apartment building was potentially on the verge of burning down for the third time in 12 hours. I acknowledged what they… […]
  • On July 5, 1978, 19 disabled activists positioned themselves in downtown Denver’s busy intersection of Broadway and Colfax. For two days, they used their wheelchairs to surround several Regional Transportation District (RTD) buses and block them from operating. There was no need to question what they wanted as they shouted it frequently throughout their protest.… […]

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