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  • Five Myths About Digital Accessibility

    Crystal (00:00):(laughs). Ghost (00:00):Hello. I wanna play a game. The game I wanna play is very similar. Crystal (00:26):No, this video’s about digital accessibility. Ghost (00:38):Um, make sense to, um, uh, to me. Uh, okay. Let’s talk about digital accessibility. Digital accessibility is designing and building websites, applications, and digital technology so people with disabilities […]

  • Assistive Technology and the Campaign Trail

    (Transcript is in a rough draft format and will be updated to its final version soon.) The other day, you might have seen this NBC Nightly News segment featuring John Fetterman current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, and U.S. Senate candidate. Can voters trust that you will be able to do this job on day one. […]

  • Automation and Accessibility – What You Need To Know

    Crystal Preston-Watson:Automation and Accessibility. What You Should Know. Crystal Preston-Watson:I want to tell you about things you won’t find in this video. This is not a Digital Accessibility 101. A foundation in digital accessibility is necessary. Well, required for accessibility testing. Today, I focus on higher level questions and issues that teams need to consider […]